Trucks for Trades

Our scholarship initiative, Trucks for Trades started in 2022, provides scholarships exclusively for Trade Students in Northeast Pa. Supported solely by our Diesel Jam Truck Show and its generous sponsors, The Andrew Mazza Foundation has awarded over 40 scholarships since 2022. Our goal is to bring awareness to the need for skilled trade workers, highlight the many opportunities that the industries can provide and the spotlight the financial potential they have. Why exclusively trade students? Because in today’s world they have become overlooked just as the jobs they are training for. They have been passed by for a 4-year college student pursuing a degree with an enormous price tag for jobs that are becoming fewer and farther between.  

We are currently offering Andrew Mazza Diesel Jam Scholarships in the amount of $500, at the following schools for a student pursuing a career in any trade or currently enrolled and a trade program. If your school is listed, please see your guidance dept for deadlines and further information.





We thank you for your continued and generous support of The Andrew Mazza Foundation.  Your gift will be used to help keep Andrew’s memory alive through the various community projects, scholarships, and other causes supported by the foundation.

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Thank You

We would like to extend a very special THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us to honor Andrew through this foundation.  Everyone who has donated, sponsored, volunteer, assisted in planning our events and most importantly who have come out during the events to support us…THANK YOU!  This would not be possible without each and every one of YOU!